Why Choose Kah Motor?


From sales to service, Kah Motor is the preferred choice for Honda owners in Malaysia. Here’s why.


Who else takes care of your Honda like one of it’s own?

Only Kah Motor provides you with the full-fledged services you deserve when you invest in a Honda. That’s great peace of mind for you.
No one knows a Honda the way Kah Motor does. As the biggest and oldest Honda dealer group for over 40 years with the most extension dealer network strategically located all across the nation. Kah Motor is committed to provide the most comprehensive and reliable pre and post sales services.
Choosing a Honda is already a wise decision. Now, you can repeat that good judgement by choosing from Kah Motor.


Reliable warranty from manufacturer

The warranty coverage for your Honda is 5 years or 100,000km, whichever comes first. In the short term, it’s more convenient for your servicing needs. Over time, it just means improved life span for your car.


Proprietary servicing equipment

Only at Kah Motor, your Honda will be handled with authentic, topnotch equipment authorized by Honda Malaysia and Honda Japan. The Honda diagnostic equipment will efficiently isolate any malfunction for swift rectification. Specially designed tools used will prevent damages to components that may be costly to replace.


Special Care

Our team of 198 Honda experts from the Kah Motor Services Division is at your service. These specialists undergo relentless technical upgrade under Honda Malaysia’s Technical Skills Training Programmes. They will recommend the best preventive measures for your car to save you from hefty bills in the future.



No corners are cut as all the parts used at the Kah Motor service centres are 100% genuine and of the highest quality. The components are manufactured especially for Honda vehicles, and provide the best fit and performance.